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The Problem

Influencers are often faced with increasing demand for new content and difficulty finding artists that can match their unique feed styles.

The Solution

FatChix is not only capable of matching current styles, we can both enhance and assist in the management of influencers' overall feed.

The Process

Influencers Process

The Meet Cute

Step one in getting your digital presence to pro level is the meet up. 

We'll schedule a virtual or in-person meeting with you to narrow your focus in terms of style, goals, niche, and tonality.

This meeting marks the official start of pre-production!


Once we've established the style and look that you're going for, we'll head into media production.

You'll still work with the same development team, but you'll get to meet our star photographers, stylists, and HMU artists while we snap the images and/or video of your dreams.


You'll receive updates during post regarding when to expect your finished products. 

As soon as they arrive in your inbox, you're ready to officially launch or re-launch your brand!

The results

Influencers Results