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The Problem

As the sister brand of a well-loved but low-key haven, Pickle Hospitality needed media that would grow Maison without alienating current fans.

The Solution

FatChix developed brand-specific color themes and unique food and texture techniques to add a high-end feel to the brand.

The Process

Maison Process


The first key step in our process with Maison was discovering the brand's D.N.A. in comparison to the rest of the Pickle Hospitality brands.

We landed on a style that would remain consistent through coloration and focus technique, but differ in presentation of the physical product.


With the right style firmly in place, we moved into media production, producing artisanal imagery for an artisanal restaurant experience. Media production continues bi-weekly for Maison.

We also worked with various PR companies to get the images into the right hands.


Now that the products had been shot to perfection, it was time to turn them over to the social media management team in our Strategy Dept.

They placed the images online and monitor engagement, ensuring Maison's audience has the best possible experience.

The results

Maison Results
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