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The Problem

Influencer and Mess Queen client, Helen Preis, knew she wanted to showcase Courtney's brilliant MessQueen designs through film.

The Solution

Helen teamed up with FatChix to capture the energy of what she wanted to communicate through dance and fashion.

The Process



We met Helen while filming and shooting the Xtreme Mess fashion show. She approached us with an idea for a video shoot she'd been wanting to realize for a while.

She and the team fleshed out her ideas, contacted Courtney for wardrobe and got to work.


Once the basic concepts were settled, the team began full pre-pro for the project. Location scouting, talent casting, HMU, wardrobe and all additional elements for the shoot moved forward. 

Once dates were set, the team confirmed all heads of departments.


We then headed into production. Helen is a model, influencer, and a talented vogue dancer. 


The video was shot to highlight her abilities, the generous contribution made by MessQueen and the surreal but upbeat nature of the music choice that inspired our concept.

post + release

We worked closely with Helen to get each and every element of her dream project right while honoring Courtney's incredible designs.

The project took a total of three months and Helen's video is one of our top-searched for videos online.

The results

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