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OM, Meesh

The Problem

Michelle is a returning client that came to us as she was trying to start her yoga business while still working a full time job.

The Solution

Overwhelmed and in need of direction for her budding business, FatChix created an entire brand for Michelle and consulted on business growth.

The Process



We began by breaking down Michelle's goals and the facts and figures that would be needed to turn those goals into a reality. We also created goals from year one to year five to create a measure of passive income for Michelle that will create stability in her business.


Next, we gained insights into Michelle's digital tastes through research, Q & A's with her, and breaking down trends in sites she did or did not like within her field. We then designed a photoshoot that would combine the best of her preferences with an edge.


Once Media Production had accomplished their goals during the shoot, the Design and Development teams stepped in to craft a mobile-friendly site according to Michelle's specifications. It was important for our team to create a design that would scale with her business.


Finally, our team turned the site and social library over to Michelle to maintain. We talked her through maintenance and implementation methods, keeping everything as sleek and intuitive as possible for excellent UX.

The results

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