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Actor, Writer, Badass

I'm an actor, sometimes writer and producer, and thrilled to add "filmmaker" to the About Me section of any application.  I've got a few projects of my own down the pike, but I'm really excited for the final installment of "Parlor Plays, or For Home Amusement" directed by Kyle Metzger and Dina Vovsi.  It's an original play we've been crafting over the last year about 19th century feminism AND it's hilarious. When I'm not creating, I'm dreaming of traveling to the beach or Disney World (yes, I said Disney World).



Director, Mentor, Badass

Jonathan is an impassioned storyteller who loves nothing more than diving into an exploration of humanity and finding aberrant ways to visually articulate the findings.  When not behind the camera or directing a performance he serves as the department chair for filmmaking, virtual reality and music video at the New York Film Academy, inspiring the raconteurs of tomorrow.  

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Jewelry Designer, Badass

Who am I???

Inspired by anything and everything...Mother Nature always first and super powerful...

Practice finding the ground and keeping my heart open.....

Always grateful...

Endless fight for human and civil rights....

Happy and amazed most of the time...

Joan Goodman is an amazing designer and creator. She is the artistic mind behind PONO x JOAN GOODMAN and is one of FatChix favorite artists/human beings.



Sound Designer, Badass

Monica Rodriguez is a sound recordist, post-production sound mixer, and sound designer. She is happy that her job is equal parts being quiet and making noise. Her favorite thing about being on set is problem solving in unusual situations. She is a graduate of the Sonic Arts Center at The City College of New York.



Director, Editor, Badass

Aden Hakimi is a first generation Persian-American director, editor, actor, and voice-over artist. He’s performed on stage and screen for directors such as Shirin Neshat, Saheem Ali, Jess Barbagallo, Adam Henry Garcia, etc. He is the founder of Silver Crown, a Brooklyn-based production/creative agency with clients including Google, MTV, Housing Works, Simon & Schuster, and more. He has two cats: Pip and Little Bit.



Director, Performer, Badass

Kai Kim (they/she) is a queer, Asian, gender non-conforming dreamer and storyteller in pursuit of exploring perspective and creating impact. Collaborations include: Full Out Creative; Journey Lab; Wildrence; Zamchick & Co.; FatChix, Inc.; Kerrigan/Lowdermilk; Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.



Animator, Storyteller, Badass

Jenny Bee is a New York cross-media storyteller who wants to be your friend. She works in film, animation, video games, and works hard to make things that move plots, graphics, and you, personally. You can view her portfolio at , as well as , and she can be reached for work, collaboration, or hijinks at , on Instagram @negative_space_film or on Twitter@JennyBeeDesign.



Photographer, Director, Badass

My name is Dennis Cahlo and I am a filmmaker and photographer from Brooklyn New York. I truly believe that there is artistry, beauty and a story to be found in every project. I eventually want to own a full sized greyhound named Chicken and a french bulldog named Waffles. 



Costume Designer, Badass

Josh Allen is a trained actor turned costume builder turned sculptor turned back into costume maker from Apple Valley, MN. Trained at the Guthrie Theater Program he is now building extravagant things in New York City while pursuing his masters in human resources management. Costume builder turned manager, he hopes to bring his artist way to organizations. His work can be seen online via Instagram @itsjoshallen and he can be contacted at

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