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We build incredible brands that last.

You want a legacy company? People need to know who you are - and like you.

We take your dreams and turn them into realities


You have a business, product or service. Our experienced team can create the brand you need and make it shine! From design to content to activation, we’ll handle it all.


You already have a brand for your business, but you feel like it could use a little boost. Your design, outreach or image needs some rejuvenation. 

We’re your team!


You want your consumers to engage with your brand in a new way. We create exciting visibility for your brand and experiences that engage your growing audience.


BR Creation


We analyze the competition so you don't have to worry where your brand stands. Clients receive research analysis packs of anywhere from 30-300+ pages depending on their industry. A minimum of four weeks is required.



Hearing what real folks have to say about your brand, service, or product is instrumental in determining market strategies. We analyze feedback and address issues with a brand before we head to market. A minimum of two weeks is required.


Your messaging is a mess. You've got a clear idea of what you're going for and who you're targeting, but your branding is still failing to connect with audiences. Our team works with you to prune your existing content and create new campaigns that will speak to your market. 


BR Renovation

brand feeling bland?

Research shows that audiences respond to newness, not loyalty to specific companies. 

If your brand is feeling a little stuck, FatChix can help you free your business from the back of your consumer's mind. Don't let your value fly under the radar.

let's bring the magic back

Whether you choose an hourly stipend with us or a monthly package, our team is dedicated to bringing your brand back to life.

Whatever your budget, FatChix offers affordable pricing for every brand at every level. Let's bring back your magic.


BR Experience

Building an engaging brand means developing value for your customer and/or audience that cannot be ignored.

Some brands thrive best person-to-person.

If you think your brand needs a bespoke community experience, our team is happy to sit down with you to discuss.

Contact one of our team members today to learn more about crafted consumer experiences for your brand.


Still got questions?

It would be weird if you didn't!

Click below to contact our office directly. You'll receive a response in 48 hours or less.

Trying to find a phone number? Our office number is unlisted - pesky robots got out of hand!

Send over an inquiry and we'll respond as quickly as we can. Clients are assigned to account managers best suited to their desired outcomes. You'll receive a direct line to your manager upon acceptance. 

Fat Love,


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