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The Strategy Department holds our most dedicated researchers and inquisitive minds. This team analyzes your data, tracks your most likely competitors and positions your brand for success.


Using tried and tested methods of classic analytical research, our team finds your brand's U.S.P. and helps position you for success.


If you're struggling to identify your niche but don't need any bells and whistles, our team may be able to help! Contact us or learn more.

Social Media

Creating a brand does not end with product or service creation. We create and manage social campaigns that connect you to your audience. 

Evolution MGMT

As your brand grows, our team of experts can guide your business to the promised land of escalated sales through detailed analytics.

The process

FatChix, Inc. departments work in conjunction with each other to create invaluable brand structure and strategies.

From BRAND CREATION under our experienced Development team to IDENTITY OVERHAULS helmed by our Design and Image Renovation teams, FatChix, Inc. and our sister brands are here to help your business grow.

New brands can develop their BUDDING BUSINESS with us and LEAP OVER the competition. Storied brands can find new CONNECTIONS with younger audiences.

All brands and businesses have a home at FatChix. If you have a dream, we can make it happen.

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is my brand a good fit for fatchix?

That all depends...

Are you ready and able to invest into your own business and the services you need?

Have you done your research and made sure that you have a basic understanding of what you're looking to accomplish?

Are you ready to grow your business rapidly?


If you agree with all of the following, then, congratulations! You're a great fit for FatChix!

I have enough cashflow or capital to properly invest in growing my business.

I have a fairly good idea of what I want to accomplish.

I have a valuable service and/or product.

My valuable service and/or product is ready to go to market.

I am looking to build a long-lasting brand.

I have researched FatChix' case studies. #theydope

I, too, am a dreamer and can't wait to make mine into a reality.




We analyze the competition so you don't have to worry where your brand stands. Clients receive research analysis packs of anywhere from 30-300+ pages depending on their industry. A minimum of four weeks is required.


Hearing what real folks have to say about your brand, service, or product is instrumental in determining market strategies. We analyze feedback and address issues with a brand before we head to market. A minimum of two weeks is required.


Finding your niche when your competitors seem to have a leg up is one of our particular specialties. Your strategic placement in a booming industry can be the difference between success and bankruptcy. We work with you to find your perfect price point and positioning




FatChix is a brand built by artists-turned-experts out of necessity. To succeed in our independent fields and businesses, we each had to hone specialized knowledge and real world experience worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over collective decades.

The good news is that you don't have to go through the up's and down's that we did to have access to that same knowledge.


Hire our team for hourly consulting calls as needed and we'll set you on the right path.


All monthly retainment clients receive complimentary consultation while we build your digital strategy and real world identity.

If you've built an excellent product or service, your brand deserves excellent direction.

Monthly retainment services are high value packages that include expert consultations on a wide variety of topics such as film production, Instagram analytics, and even children's book creation and illustration. Contact us to learn more.

Social media


From campaigns that get people talking to copy that strikes a chord, our team crafts strategic visual narratives for your growing brand to tell. You don't have to get lost in the wilds of social media. Let us take the reigns and grow your following.

Engagement is an important part of increasing followers on multiple platforms. However, the hours spent engaging your loyal following can interfere with hours you need to spend on your business. Let our seasoned team connect with your growing fanbase.



Building a sustainable brand begins with developing a clear point of view targeted at a specific audience within an existing niche.

Once your brand is established, you might be wondering how to sustain and increase your growth without losing touch with your core audience.

Our team can track your analytics, isolate consumer trends, and craft strategies that will keep your base happy while connecting to new audiences.

Managing your brand's evolution from ideation to internationally recognized force of nature is a joy for us. After all, our company turns dreams into realities.

Still got questions?

It would be weird if you didn't!

Click below to contact our office directly. You'll receive a response in 48 hours or less.

Trying to find a phone number? Our office number is unlisted - pesky robots got out of hand!

Send over an inquiry and we'll respond as quickly as we can. Clients are assigned to account managers best suited to their desired outcomes. You'll receive a direct line to your manager upon acceptance. 

Fat Love,


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