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The Marketing Department handles your brand's growing connection with your potential audience. We get the word out about your incredible offering to the world with class.


If you don't have content to display online, you don't have a modern brand. Customer acquisition begins with digital representation.


Whether your company is in need of a logo, website, lookbook, etc., our business is making sure your business takes off.

Social Media

Social media management has become a full time job for most businesses. Don't get stuck with heavy overhead. Get FatChix today.


Cultivating trusted relationships with influencers is hard work. You need a partner that has their trust and the ability to find the right fit for you.

The process

FatChix, Inc. departments work in conjunction with each other to create invaluable brand structure and strategies.

From BRAND CREATION under our experienced Development team to IDENTITY OVERHAULS helmed by our Design and Image Renovation teams, FatChix, Inc. and our sister brands are here to help your business grow.

New brands can develop their BUDDING BUSINESS with us and LEAP OVER the competition. Storied brands can find new CONNECTIONS with younger audiences.

All brands and businesses have a home at FatChix. If you have a dream, we can make it happen.

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is my brand a good fit for fatchix?

That all depends...

Are you ready and able to invest into your own business and the services you need?

Have you done your research and made sure that you have a basic understanding of what you're looking to accomplish?

Are you ready to grow your business rapidly?


If you agree with all of the following, then, congratulations! You're a great fit for FatChix!

I have enough cashflow or capital to properly invest in growing my business.

I have a fairly good idea of what I want to accomplish.

I have a valuable service and/or product.

My valuable service and/or product is ready to go to market.

I am looking to build a long-lasting brand.

I have researched FatChix' case studies. #theydope

I, too, am a dreamer and can't wait to make mine into a reality.


Marketing Content



Modern marketing revolves around visual content. Our team provides professional photography that has been used worldwide to effectively market businesses.



Film isn't just for the cinema anymore. Businesses need a plethora of marketing materials at their disposal to increase newness. We've worked with dozens of brands and have produced viral as well as elevated filmography.



What you want to say and how you say it are two topics that companies often struggle to execute. Our copywriters are professional storytellers and wordsmiths. They make your mission relatable.




Branding is quite literally the art of marketing a company with distinctive advertising and/or design. In today's world, digital marketing is the new advertising.


A brand stuck in the past cannot move into the future. We take developing or struggling brands and turn them into global successes. Your business could be next.


FatChix is lucky to parent a variety of independent and specialized businesses. To study each of our departments, click here. To learn more about what we do, please click here.



Major brands spend major bucks developing their social media content. Their in-house marketing teams are responsible for handling production, engagement, promotion and finding audiences across multiple platforms

FatChix takes the overhead out of the social media game and allows growing brands to get the full-time marketing experience without the price tag. 

Our company handles your accounts, promotes your content, engages with your audience and even tracks your insights and analytics in bi-weekly breakdowns.

That leaves you free to run your business and do more of what you love.



Influencers are the new advertisers. You need organic brand awareness and peer-to-peer reviews? Influencers are the answer to classic tv and print advertising.

The good news? The Influencer market offers authentic feedback in real time.

The bad news? You need time to cultivate relationships with your influencer network that many brands just don't have to give.

Understanding and navigating the world of Influencers doesn't have to be a burden; FatChix can get your brand and business into the right hands.

Still got questions?

It would be weird if you didn't!

Click below to contact our office directly. You'll receive a response in 48 hours or less.

Trying to find a phone number? Our office number is unlisted - pesky robots got out of hand!

Send over an inquiry and we'll respond as quickly as we can. Clients are assigned to account managers best suited to their desired outcomes. You'll receive a direct line to your manager upon acceptance. 

Fat Love,


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