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The Problem

Selling southern comfort in NYC without over-indulging in cliche or kitsch is a fine line to walk. We were tapped to make it happen.

The Solution

Bespoke and curated professional photography that captures the southern comfort of Jacob's brand and makes the mouth water.

The Process

Jacob's Process


We first studied and analyzed the average Jacob's customer, their strongest desires, habits, and both the most and least popular dishes.

We then devised a strategy that would highlight favorites, frequently introduce new menu items, and would allow for a cohesive feed to grow with his growing brands.


Media production then took over the project. This dept. is responsible for photography and film deliverables.

Emilia, the head of Media Production, continues to shoot for all of the Pickles Hospitality groups to this day. We manage their social media accounts as well as work in conjunction with PR to get the word out about Jacob's dishes.


Keeping a close eye on digital reviews is an important part of getting customers to come back through your doors.

We also manage reviews found online on sites like Yelp and ensure customers feel that their voices are heard. This coupled with our management of comments on Jacob's social feed make for a powerful engagement strategy.

The results

Jacob's Results
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