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peer review


OBJECTIVE: production company and press kit content

The Problem:

Film creator and superstar, Lindsey Austen needed a production company on a budget.

Press kit content was a virtual pipe dream.


  • Affordable rates

  • Excellent planning

  • Content on the fly

  • Advisory capacities and a crew that kicked butt

The results:


  • The Press Kit turned out even better than planned

  • The film has achieved massive festival success

  • Lindsey's film career has well-deserved buzz


Press Kit

"I hope you guys tout this to your other film clients because it sets you so far ahead, but I got SO MUCH content from you two, from the publicity stills, to the stills on set, and beyond."

— Lindsey Austen

"I had SO MANY options as to how to build our press kit - it's attached.  Just look at what you two made possible - and I could have made it 2x as long."

— Lindsey Austen

Thanks! Message sent.

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