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The Problem

Azzul is poised to become one of the next big fashion houses for luxury footwear, but their digital presence was virtually non-existent.

The Solution

FatChix was brought on to enliven the brand, bring an edgier feel to the traditional footwear and alert new consumers to the brand's offerings.

The Process



Azzul came to us without a current digital presence. As a new footwear line, they were looking for content to fill their social media platform. 

Our Development and Strategy teams also developed consumer archetypes for their brand to generate content specs.


FatChix took their specifications and provided lifestyle photography to be inserted into their various platforms. With buyers knocking on their doors, we soon developed content for in-house print as well as digital.

launch + sales

Azzul's brand now has plenty of materials to begin their relationship with viewers online and connect with new consumer bases.

Their social media has increased 100%+ and they now have buyers knocking on their doors.

The results

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