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The Problem

Corley Pillsbury needed a team to put together a music video for her incredible song, Catacombs, with a quick turnaround.

The Solution

FatChix pulled resources from our sister companies, FatChix Films and FatFace Beauty, to put together an epic video on a serious time table.

The Process

Corley Process


Corley came to us with two weeks until she was leaving NYC and wanted to tie a button on her NY-life with a video for her most popular single, Catacombs.

We launched into pre-production with a vengeance, creating feasible concepts, sourcing location, hiring film talent and crew as well as wardrobe.


Since Corley was operating with a strict budget and timeline, our team was on a tight production schedule. 

We shot the video over two days, employing our experience and expertise to make sure the video captured the spirit of what the artist envisioned. 


The video then went through post while Corley moved cross country. 

Reception was positive and most importantly, Corley's memories, her talented friends, and her music have a home to come back to while she works on developing her new network in CA.

The results

Corley Results
FatChix Films


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