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The Problem

Clients looking to grow or expand their brand don't always know exactly who they are targeting with their digital strategy.

The Solution

Our job is to take any and all guesswork out of the equation. We rely on cold, hard numbers to ensure our clients reach the right people.


Buyer Basic


Our strategists use time-tested analytics to determine your customers:






We then go a step beyond other agencies to find their:






Buyer Extraodnary



  1. AGE: 30s - early 50s

  2. INCOME: $80K+/yr

  3. GEOGRAPHY: Metropolitan Areas

  4. GENDER: Feminine-Identifying or Leaning with masculine elements - powerful


  1. STORY:

    • Vida is not a woman to be taken lightly. She is bold, vivacious, empowered and charismatic. Her magnetism can be felt a mile away. When she was younger, she spent her days as a ballet dancer. Now, she spends her time as a culture advisor for various companies like Conde Nast and the Daily Mail. Her feet have carried her through major life changes, challenges and choices. She is unafraid of change. Vida is a warrior of change, molded and shaped by time and outfitted with timeless weapons like grace and optimism. She uses her experiences to uplift her readers and evoke passion in their lives.


    • Vida tosses her hair in a ponytail, puts in under a baseball cap and grabs her boldest pair of Azzul’s heeled sandals while she’s buttoning her jeans. She would just as soon pair a bomber jacket with her look as a blazer. She never worries much about her make up; she’s a bit of a tomboy by day. But when she goes out at night, she wears a cat eye and an attitude fit for a queen. Vida isn’t afraid to experiment with her look. She likes bold pops of color with classic shapes and novel design. She is boho one minute and athleisure the next.

  3. HER WHY:

    • Vida found Azzul through a very thorough hashtag search. While looking for sartorial inspiration for her old pair of high tops, she stumbled across Azzul’s BOLD use of classic TEXTURES and edgy styling. She noticed the brand’s dedication to DIVERSITY representation, its inclusive demographics and its modern take on footwear. Vida fell for the brand when their messaging stuck in her head for three days straight thanks to some cleverly designed product shots. She walks the past forward with a cause.

*Some information has been redacted to protect the privacy of our clients.


FatChix uses our own secret recipe of hardcore analytics and painstaking research to develop a true sense of our clients' consumer base. 

We never assume who the consumer or audience is: we find them through facts and figures.


Once we have determined what the raw data says the consumer should be, we compare and analyze data gleaned from the client themselves. 


This could be insights on social media, client-owned analytics or raw data gleaned from third-party services. 


A quick compare and analysis will further reveal whether or not our techniques and determinations are on point. 

We have an over 90% success rate when it comes to pinpointing our clients' current and future audience. Let our company take the guesswork out of business.


  1. AGE: mid 20s - 30s

  2. INCOME: $50K+/yr

  3. GEOGRAPHY: Small townships

  4. GENDER: Masculine-Identifying or Leaning - relaxed vibe

MEET Franco


  1. STORY:

    • Franco grew up in the traditional: traditional home, traditional parents, traditional expectations. However, his psychology and methodology has always been anything but traditional. Growing up in a small town in the mid-US region, Franco is not afraid of confronting old biases or enlightening his neighbors. He is proud to be non-heteronormative, despises labels, is an excellent communicator and a bit of snob when it comes to interior design shows. He loves putting on a record, dancing with his boyfriend, hiking in the woods behind his home and has a very secret recipe for making excellent margaritas. By day, Franco works as an audio engineer remotely. By night, he is a secret novelist and loves zombie fiction.


    • Franco wears his Levis Denim by itself or paired with his old Stetson hat. He isn't shy when it comes to dressing. He might throw on a Hawaiian shirt with his Levi's and his father's old leather jacket for a night at the local drive-in. Never one to over-commit to a certain style, Franco mixes the old with the new on a regular basis, preferring to embrace the history of fashion rather than hide behind each new trend. Franco's closet holds the key to his ever-evolving tastes: one moment, he is debonair with a suit jacket over his dark-wash jeans, the next, a classic plaid button down tucked into his well-worn bootcuts. It is always slightly relaxed, ever-so cool, and extremely original.

  3. HIS WHY:

    • Since Levi's is a legacy brand, Franco was well-acquainted with their classic fits and modern take on denim. Never one to follow the crowd, however, Franco took some modern-day convincing to give the brand a try. He saw a friend in the jeans and started looking through Levi's feed out of curiosity only to find that it was anything but expected. Collaborations with entrepreneurs and designers in developing nations, behind the scenes looks at the company's rich history of EQUALITY and REPRESENTATION. He tried their original 501's in the RLM - Medium Wash and has never looked back.

*Some information has been redacted to protect the privacy of our clients.

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