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The Problem

Like many of our clients, Crista is a wellness enthusiast. She needed a digital brand that matched her personal tastes and lifestyle.

The Solution

Employing our Development and Media Production teams, FatChix crafted a well-curated selection of both hard and soft imagery to entice new fans.

The Process

Crista Process


Our initial consultation with Crista was to review exactly what she was looking for in her imagery as well as the goals she held for her brand.


She provided a sample of items currently available to her as well as items she was considering for her shoot. We helped her select the best options for her digital presence and HMU to match.


We then shot with Crista over the course of a full day, changing both locations and looks. The team worked with Crista to select her best options and provided the images she needed to grow her wellness brand.

The results

Crista Results
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