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The Problem

Wellness mega-brand, iHerb, and the influencer marketing gurus at Wellness Amplified needed a new messaging system to reach their consumers.

The Solution

Rather than stick to out-dated sales techniques, iHerb chose to forge a new path with original animated educational videos for their audience.

The Process

iHerb Process


When we began collaborations with iHerb, the brand had no idea in which direction they wanted to take their video marketing.


Our team worked closely with iHerb and Wellness Amplified to craft bespoke assets that can be used for digital branding indefinitely.


We then proceeded with media production in creating a wealth of animated shorts. The videos will be used as branding templates for the client's future branding opportunities.


Upon completion of animated assets, our team created composite assets as well as scripts and files that will allow iHerb to translate their videos across every market.

The results

iHerb Results
iHerb Face Mask
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