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Your image needs an overhaul. We take brands from drab to dope by crafting bespoke visual campaigns, specific copy, reimagined logos and labels, and tailored investment strategies to boost your brand online.

Visual Campaigns

Fresh visual campaigns that re-define your brand can take a lack-luster IRL and digital presence to spectacular in 6 months or less.

Original Copy

Original copy from writers, poets, editors and folks that love to write takes the pressure off your shoulders. Let's draft your new brand.

New Identity

Perhaps you started with an idea of what your or your brand should be, but your market said otherwise. Let's re-create your brand together.


Maybe your brand is ready for its re-launch, but you have no idea how best to roll out new content. We can give your new look the right direction.

The process

FatChix, Inc. departments work in conjunction with each other to create invaluable brand structure and strategies.

From BRAND CREATION under our experienced Development team to IDENTITY OVERHAULS helmed by our Design and Image Renovation teams, FatChix, Inc. and our sister brands are here to help your business grow.

New brands can develop their BUDDING BUSINESS with us and LEAP OVER the competition. Storied brands can find new CONNECTIONS with younger audiences.

All brands and businesses have a home at FatChix. If you have a dream, we can make it happen.

Emma Myles by FCF

is my brand a good fit for fatchix?

That all depends...

Are you ready and able to invest into your own business and the services you need?

Have you done your research and made sure that you have a basic understanding of what you're looking to accomplish?

Are you ready to grow your business rapidly?


If you agree with all of the following, then, congratulations! You're a great fit for FatChix!

I have enough cashflow or capital to properly invest in growing my business.

I have a fairly good idea of what I want to accomplish.

I have a valuable service and/or product.

My valuable service and/or product is ready to go to market.

I am looking to build a long-lasting brand.

I have researched FatChix' case studies. #theydope

I, too, am a dreamer and can't wait to make mine into a reality.



original copy



Like the copy we've used on this site? It's all thanks to our original copywriters. Wordsmiths work alongside our designers and artists to come up with brilliant text that can inform as well as illuminate.


Communicating your mission to your audience depends on both the visual language as well as the written word. If your brand cannot communicate its message, your audience will not connect with your business.


You and your team will sit down with us to map out a bespoke strategy for on-brand communications. We'll present a brand diagnostic report complete with keywords, mainstay themes, font styles, etc.



Building brand awareness doesn't have to be a trial.

Our team can manage your social media accounts, take care of production for fresh and interesting images, and create a diverse feed that fosters organic growth.

We'll guide you through each stage of audience connection, proper methods of engagement, and even handle your accounts while you run your business.



Building a sustainable brand begins with developing a clear point of view targeted at a specific audience within an existing niche.

Your place in audiences' minds depends on your unique brand, that special something extra that you bring to the table.

Our team identifies your strongest attributes, isolates your distinctive style and finds the right paths of expression for your particular brand.

With our strategies and methods in place, brands have grown anywhere from 20-100%+ over the course of several months. Your brand could be next.

Still got questions?

It would be weird if you didn't!

Click below to contact our office directly. You'll receive a response in 48 hours or less.

Trying to find a phone number? Our office number is unlisted - pesky robots got out of hand!

Send over an inquiry and we'll respond as quickly as we can. Clients are assigned to account managers best suited to their desired outcomes. You'll receive a direct line to your manager upon acceptance. 

Fat Love,


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