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unconscious mind of grace

The Problem

Bianca came to us with a finished script for a web series pilot she'd been developing. Limited time in her schedule was limiting her options.

The Solution

FatChix developed a shoot schedule for the pilot that was tight but effective as well as budget friendly. Her agents are now shopping her pilot.

The Process

UMG Process


We corresponded with Bianca regarding her hopes for the look and feel of the pilot.

We then set the script in motion for full development, crafting an agile method for production that would work with her schedule in LA and the specs of her project.


After Development, the Film team took over pre-production and began location scouting and build out for Bianca's set.

Casting, scheduling and wardrobe were also handled at this time.


From there, we moved into production.

Bianca's pilot was filmed in New York City with a full cast and crew in just over one ten-hour day thanks to the incredible efficiency of our production team.


Bianca's project then moved into post-production and launched.

Her project has awarded her with new-found recognition, a blossoming comedy career, and the remainder of the series is now also, happily, moving toward development.

The results

UMG Results
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