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whole healing

The Problem

Sophia needed a simple re-vamp to her copy. She found her connection with consumers was falling short and wanted a slight re-design online.

The Solution

FatChix offers an abundant array of talented artists. We employed a small team of writers, illustrators, and designers to bring Sophia to life online.

The Process

Sophia Process


We first sat down with Sophia as consultants to review her current website format and its functionality.


After initial tests and design flow exercises for UX, we compared her site to a multitude of competing sites in her field.


We then devised strategic copy to help Sophia connect with her growing consumer-base and more clearly iterate her offers.


Finally, we assisted in the set up and execution of her online booking system as well as personalized mailboxes, etc.

The results

Sophia Results

We began by cleaning up the websites font choices and finding cohesion in the overall tonality used by Sophia.

Our copywriters then addressed inconsistent tone and helped Sophia form more concise descriptions of her valuable services, better allowing consumers to connect with her offers.

We then replaced imagery on her site, added original pitches, and improved Sophia's UX methodology before beta-testing her new site for her.

Afterward, we assisted in creating her online booking platform and set up the initial calendar for her to monitor and adjust as needed.

As always, FatChix then coached this small business owner on how to make small adjustments and maintain the site's relevance after the build was finalized.

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